Create sales dashboard in python by plotly dash 3

Create sales dashboard in python by plotly dash

Create sales dashboard in python by plotly dash using an interactive plotly data visualization library and dash web library.

Inputs: Slider and radio items

Create sales dashboard in python by plotly dash. In this plotly dash dashboard, there are are three rows. In the first row, there are three elements. Title of the dashboard, slider and radio items. Slider and radio items are input components of the dash. Changing any value in these two input components, values change on all charts in this dashboard.

In the second row, there are four grids. First grid represents, sales by sub-category and region. Second grid displays, total sales for each category. Third grid shows, monthly sales for each year on theline chart. These three grids linked to slider and radio items. Fourth grid describes numeric values for current year, previous year and yearly growth.

In the third row, there are three grids. First grid shows, data table and this data table changes dynamically when values change on the slider and radio items. Using vertical and horizontal scroll bars, all data can be viewed in the data table. I have selected specific columns in this data table. Second grid, represents horizontal bar chart to displays values for top states and cities by sales. On the third grid, I have displayed bubble chart.

Watch below how this dashboard work?

Download the full code and CSV data file and learn more about plotly dash on Udemy.

If you have any problem in learning above code, please comment in the comment box. I will help you as soon as possible.

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